IrishFest Atlanta


Cultural Experiences

We have two days full of cultural experiences. Scroll down to learn more and check the schedule for times. 

  • Activities
    • Guinness - Pour the Perfect Pint
    • Afternoon Tea with the Irish Consul General
  • Special Workshops
    • TWO ROADS DIVERGED: A Talk on Irish & Black Contributions to American Music and Dance
    • Deis cainte – An Opportunity to Speak & Learn Irish 

ACTIVITY:  Afternoon Tea with Irish Consul General 

Hosted by The Hibernian Benevolent Society of Atlanta

Join us Saturday afternoon for some Tea with Irish fare and a chat with the Irish Consul General.

By reservation only. $10 per person; Hibernian members: Free


ACTIVITY:  Guinness & Learning the Art of Pouring the Perfect Pint 

Learn how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness at Irish Fest. The six-step ritual's as legendary as the beer itself - from the 119.5 seconds it takes to pour to the iconic surge and eventual settle. Our expert from the Old Blind Dog Irish pub will walk you through all the steps, allowing you to give it ago as well. The best part is you get to enjoy the spoils of your newly acquired skill. 

Tickets cost: $25

Includes; class on how to pour, certificate of completion and your own personally engraved Guinness Pint glass! 


TWO ROADS DIVERGED: A Talk on Irish & Black Contributions to American Music and Dance

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm with Mick Moloney

Drawing from the traditional background and diaspora of two oppressed peoples, enslaved Africans and Irish immigrants Mick Moloney explores the curious and tumultuous journey of the banjo, fiddle, jig, joke and jump, dance, song, shuffle and clog.

The cultural dialogue begins at the departure point of two diverse cultures in the 18th century; their early 19th century encounter in the Caribbean, amalgamation in New Orleans' Congo Square, entry into America along the Mississippi after 1803, the 1840’s escape to Appalachia, and their arrival and confrontation in America’s urban cities by the beginning of the Civil War.

Moloney demonstrates the collision of African and Irish cultures as they encounter each other on the American stage through examples from pre and post war Minstrel era, Jim Crow era burlesque and Vaudeville, turn of century Tin Pan Alley, and film and Broadway between the two world wars. Tap dance, Old Time Music and bluegrass are clear genres that reflect the complex relationship between the two groups.

WORKSHOP:  Deis cainte – An Opportunity to Speak & Learn Irish 

Breandán Mac Mathúna will facilitate discussion through the medium of the Irish language. This session will cater to people who wish to learn ‘cúpla focal’ or to rekindle the Irish they already have.